Other Services

MOMO HK offers

a bundle of supplementary services

supporting fresh produce suppliers and exporters not represented in Asia.


Quality Control (QC) Survey & Reporting
Ideal for suppliers/exporters:

(a) who periodically monitor quality of their shipments for compliance purposes;

(b) who have received claims from first-time buyers/importers and are keen to verify the authenticity of such claims;

(c) whose cargo shipments are experiencing delays and are concerned about the condition of the fresh produce cargo and its shelf life on arrival.

Coverage: Hong Kong, China, Singapore, India and Vietnam

Sorting & Repacking
service includes pickup of goods, sorting/repacking goods and sending them to customer and/or wholesale market as the case may be

Ideal for suppliers/exporters:

(a) whose fresh produce shipments have been partially or totally rejected by a supermarket or importer;

(b) who are keen to minimize financial loss and maximize value;

(c) who are exporting fresh produce in loose form and wish to repackage it differently thereafter.

Coverage: Hong Kong, Singapore

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MOMO HK LTD is a Hong Kong based company with a mission to import, promote and sell Egyptian fresh produce to wholesalers and retailers in Asia Pacific.

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